School Transfer Information

Attention parents and visitors, all transfers are now being handled at the Welcome Center
not at the individual schools.

If you have any questions about transfers please call (478) 779-3700.

1. Priority Consideration for School Transfers

Certain provisions of federal and state law, and of School District policy, provide the option for parents to transfer their child to another school. To ensure compliance with all such laws, school transfers shall be prioritized in the following manner:

(a) The first priority shall be school transfers which are authorized for eligible students based on federal and/or state law or Bibb County School District policy, regardless of school capacity.

(b) The second priority shall be school transfers which are authorized for eligible students based on federal law, contingent upon school capacity.

(c) The third priority shall be school transfers which are authorized for eligible students based on state law and/or Bibb County School District policy, contingent upon school capacity. Under this priority level, if the number of transfer requests for a particular school exceeds the available capacity of a school, a random lottery shall be conducted to ensure each interested student has an equal chance to be admitted.

2. School Capacity

The Superintendent or designee will determine which schools have available classroom space and are eligible to accept school choice transfers contingent upon school capacity. This determination will be based on an analysis of the school's projected enrollment (as calculated by the Superintendent or designee), the school's capacity (as calculated by State Instructional Unit Allocations), the capacity of the school building and permanent classrooms based on applicable health and safety laws, and a factor determined by the Superintendent or designee to account for attendance zone growth and legally mandated school transfers. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, any school with any portable classroom(s) shall not be deemed to have available classroom space.

3. School Transfer Applications

All school transfer applications must be submitted in writing on the official form and according to the procedures and designated timeframe established for each transfer option. All applicable forms, procedures and timelines with respect to school transfers that are not specifically set forth herein shall be determined by the Superintendent or designee.

4. Attendance and Behavior Expectations

Students approved for school transfer are expected to have regular and punctual attendance and to abide by all disciplinary rules at the school where they attend.

5. Student Eligibility for Athletic/Extracurricular Activities

Students and parents should be aware that school transfers may affect the student's eligibility to participate in athletic and extracurricular activities governed by the Georgia High School Association (GHSA). It shall be the parent's responsibility to verify whether GHSA requirements may affect their child's eligibility prior to submitting a school transfer request.

6. Verification and Violation of Policy

A school system representative may visit the address given by any parent/guardian to verify residency. If it is determined that the enrollment of any student is in violation of Board of Education policy, the following actions may be taken: 1) the student shall be immediately withdrawn from school and returned to the home school; 2) the parent/guardian shall be charged tuition for the period of the violation together with all court and legal expenses incurred by the Bibb County Board of Education regarding the matter; and, 3) parties who provide false information to circumvent residency requirements shall be prosecuted for false swearing.

7. Transfer Selection Process

Except as otherwise specified, all student transfer requests are subject to space availability. In the event the number of students electing to transfer to a specific school would cause enrollment to exceed the capacity for that school under the Board's formula, all transfer requests will be decided by lottery. The Board will administer the lottery using a computer software package similar to the one currently used for selecting students for the school district's magnet school programs. In this lottery system, transfer requests will be granted until a school reaches capacity.

Upon receiving a student transfer request, a determination will be made as to whether the applicant meets the criteria for the type of transfer requested.

Transfer requests by Out-of-County Tuition-paying Students will only be granted if space is available after all other transfer requests for the given school have been honored.

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